5 August 2011


it's nothing we could forsee
so each of us could be
at the time, through the black,
playing with sparks of

floating on air
melting on skin tasting in hair
right in the belly
right to the core
the pull that wants more

4 August 2011

The Flood - Robert Frost

The Flood

Blood has been harder to dam back than water.
Just when we think we have it impounded safe
Behind new barrier walls (and let it chafe!),

It breaks away in some new kind of slaughter.
We choose to say it is let loose by the devil;
But power of blood itself releases blood.

It goes by might of being such a flood
Held high at so unnatural a level.

It will have outlet, brave and not so brave.
weapons of war and implements of peace
Are but the points at which it finds release.

And now it is once more the tidal wave
That when it has swept by leaves summits stained.
Oh, blood will out. It cannot be contained.

(From West Running Brook, 1949)

1 August 2011

Georgia Nicols Sunday July 28 2011

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Not since early 2008 has your ambition been so aroused. Throughout August and September you will be unusually gung ho to get ahead and make a name for yourself. You will politely (or not so politely) shoulder your way to the front of the line because you have that do-or-die feeling. (Jaw firmly set. "This is it.") Accompanying this will be a burst of popularity because everyone wants to see your face! Clubs, groups, associations and casual get-togethers will combine to make demands on your time. Artistic pals will really want to see you. Meanwhile, your ability to research anything is excellent this summer. Maybe the first thing you can answer is "Where did the summer go?"