15 November 2016

The POWER of WORDS / Roberts

Daily Mentoring with Greg Roberts [Facebook]
November 6 at 10:44am

Day 92: The POWER of WORDS

We use so many words in a day, yet aren't aware of the power each one holds. Your words have energy that affects your life in many ways. Each word you speak or think has its own unique vibration. Learning how the power of each word you use will quite simply change your life.
Think of one of the negative words you may use often, like "I hate." The energy of that phrase makes me feel emotions like angrer, sadness, or depression. Hold the thought of these words... actually take it in and feel the energy of the word. Notice the transformation of your own energy vibration and how the power of the words made you feel.
Now take a deep breath and let all that energy go completely... just relax, know that it's okay.
Now take the word love, joy, happiness, caring, or peace. Hold one of these words in and feel the transformation as your energy shifts its vibration. Hold onto this feeling... the more you hold onto the power of the positive words, the stronger it will become. It's your right to feel this way anytime you desire.

With this beautiful secret, you can start to feel the energy in every word you think and speak. You create this energy and it's important to keep your own vibration high, clean and clear. All your good thoughts and words transform over time and attract health, prosperity and love . Use the power of words to bring beautiful things into your life.

All the less favorable, negative vibration words decrease and weaken your vibration, opening you up to things like anxiety, depression, sickness, and even disease. So erase these words from your life and your mind as they have no benefit to you or anyone around you.
The lower vibration words have no room within your existence, especially when you're trying to create a more fulfilling life. So today, start to let them all go. You can, with awareness, literally think before you speak and let every word you allow into your reality create a beautiful vibration of positive energy and protection around you.

Surrounded yourself with words of love, health, and prosperity and let the power of these words do the work for you to help you transform your life and the world around you.
The words I think and speak become my reality.