23 December 2007

Mr Missing in Action ...

Or bush-guy ... I don't know what the hell he does / did out there LOL Does anybody? Anyways it was good talking to him and catching up on a bit of a life. AFter all we were friends first for a reason ...

August 1990



21 December 2007

A picture of grace ...

NOT. I bought these gorgeous boots that are definetly not the kind of thing you'd wear to go snowmobiling. More like clubbing.
They are chocolate brown, smooth and have a three inch heel - I feel oh-so hip and stylin when I wear them.

Except today. I was walking back from moving my car and stepped off the curb to cross the street. One heel slipped, I followed and completely wiped out right into a snowbank... Right in front of a line of traffic waiting for me to cross. Yup.

The guy from the first car who had the best view stopped to ask me if I was ok with this ::huge:: I'm-gonna-be-laughin-my-ass-off-in-about-5-seconds kinda look on his face... I'm fine, but my hip-stylin pride took a good hit ! I guess if I ever want to go out clubbing in these things I'll have to learn how to walk properly in them first :)

20 December 2007


I just won a 50/50 draw at work!!! $150 smackaroos!! :)
So if, as the saying goes, good things come in threes, then this would be #2
Last night's #1 was 'excellent', this #2 is even better, so I wonder ... what will #3 be?

hummin' again ... :)

18 December 2007


Just got a phone call.

My 12 year-old wants to know "can I make supper so that it is ready when you get home from work?" My 9 year-old daughter is keeping herself busy making jewellery for her friend for Christmas an a recent birthday and my 16 year-old still hugs me in public.

Yup, I'm a happy mom. I have awesome kids ♥

13 December 2007

Where to Watch NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL Online

From Read/Write Web :

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7 December 2007

Every ::single:: time ... :)

Not that its a bad thing to have choice ...

I'm back in another fork in the road career wise. Same classification, same salary.

One path in the road leads to a sourcing officer position in the Int'l Business Opportunities Centre, talking to companies, following leads, some research, lots of admin. Would be right up my alley personality-wise and skills wise the learning curve would be relatively short. Sounds great, BUT the sourcing officer position would be staffed casual leading to only a term possibly for the next 9 months.

The other fork in the road leads to a sector officer position on the Aerospace and Defense file, high profile. It would involve lots of research, maintaining an expertise in the sector, networking with public and private companies, writing, writing and more writing, and company outreach. Woah. Major learning curve, especially with the writing, BUT the sector officer position would be staffed casual leading to an indeterminate at the end.

I have both offers on the table, verbally. Nothing has been signed.

Does this ::really:: have to happen every single time ??

Back to musing ...

Today is going to be my day ... LOL

Well, at least according to my Chinese Horoscope :

You'll be exceptionally optimistic, dynamic, and daring; no obstacle can frighten you; furthermore, you do away with your usual perfectionist tendency that sometimes hampered you. At your work, you may have some disagreements with your colleagues; try to be open-minded and keep a low figure. The family atmosphere will be light and merry thanks to the concessions you've agreed to make.