21 December 2007

A picture of grace ...

NOT. I bought these gorgeous boots that are definetly not the kind of thing you'd wear to go snowmobiling. More like clubbing.
They are chocolate brown, smooth and have a three inch heel - I feel oh-so hip and stylin when I wear them.

Except today. I was walking back from moving my car and stepped off the curb to cross the street. One heel slipped, I followed and completely wiped out right into a snowbank... Right in front of a line of traffic waiting for me to cross. Yup.

The guy from the first car who had the best view stopped to ask me if I was ok with this ::huge:: I'm-gonna-be-laughin-my-ass-off-in-about-5-seconds kinda look on his face... I'm fine, but my hip-stylin pride took a good hit ! I guess if I ever want to go out clubbing in these things I'll have to learn how to walk properly in them first :)

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