30 May 2008

More lyrics Im listening to ... :)

"Saving My Face" KT Tunstall 2007

See the look on my face
From staying too long in one place
But every time I try to leave
I find I keep on stalling
Feel like a big old stone
Standing by a strength of my own
But every time the morning breaks
I know I'm closer to falling

I'm all out of love, all out of faith
I would give everything just for a taste
Everything's here, all out of place
Losing my memory, saving my face
Saving my face, saving my face
Saving my face.

Listening to what you say
Even though I look the other way
You could never understand the feeling
Of what I'm leaving

I'm all out of love, all out of faith
I would give everything just for a taste
Everything's here, all out of place
Losing my memory, saving my face
Saving my face...
A General Description of Your Reactivity

You are an emotional person. In some ways, we are all emotional; we feel joy, anger, sadness and fear; some of us more powerfully than others - and you more powerfully than most. Your emotions are closer to the surface, and your feelings more obvious to you than is the case with most people. You've got your life in a good place, your dominant mood is upbeat, and unless life has been particularly trying for you, you greatly enjoy the richness and intensity of life that being so open with your emotions brings you.

Sure there are times when your feelings come very close to the surface, and life becomes more complicated. At these times you may grow self-conscious, or feel a bit anxious. But all in all, you much prefer being open with your emotions, breathing in all that life offers, than shutting down any part of your emotional experience. Granted, there may be times when these emotions are hard but you realize that is part of life. And more often than not you feel enriched by your emotions, by your ability to be open to all that life brings you. You know that even when you have those times that get you down, there will be even more times when you see life in ways that others just can't.

Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You

Undoubtedly you have met some people who get uncomfortable being around you because your feelings are so close to the surface. They may keep a bit of distance, especially around any subject that might trigger an emotional topic they are uncomfortable with. Over time, they might even stay away from you more and more. You will find you have decisions to make; do you temper your style for their comfort or do you hope they will find ways to become more comfortable with emotional expressions? Given the richness that seems to stem from your emotional life the most meaningful response is probably very apparent to you.

Positive Responses Others May Have Toward You

You are a cherished companion for those friends who can handle emotions well. They will appreciate the candor with which you express even difficult feelings like anger and fear. Your openness will make intimate conversations even more intimate, and make the connections between you as friends deeper and stronger. Some people who have trouble expressing their feelings might find in you a good example of how to be more vulnerable and more open. Your willingness and ability to share your emotions could encourage them to share theirs, and invite them into ways of being friends that will help enrich their lives.

29 May 2008

Some kind of something

Another night waiting for the shit to come down
Some kind of something to tell if i should wait around
Too afraid to reach out again, to feel the same
Dont want to keep checking and wondering again

You want me or you dont - going to be the fool
Fool for thinking you want to bring it all the way two
Giving up even some of the carefree single guy you've been
An anytime, anywhere friend, fun one, carefree on a whim

This time I won't, can't, dont want to offer myself
Just a casual, maybe sort of, a trophy on the shelf (?)
To put it out there to be toyed with or played
Wondering everyday if it was worth trying again


We got somethin', we both know it,
We don't talk too much about it.
Ain't no real big secret all the same,
somehow, we get around it.

It don't really matter to me, baby,
You believe what you want to believe,
You don't have to live like a refugee.
(Don't have to live like a refugee)

Somewhere, somehow,
Somebody must have kicked you around some.
Tell me why you wanna lay there and revel in your abandon.

It don't make no difference to me, baby,
Everybody's had to fight to be free,
You see you don't have to live like a refugee.
(Don't have to live like a refugee)

Baby, we ain't the first.
I'm sure a lot of other lovers been burned.
Right now this seems real to you,
But it's one of those things you gotta feel to be true.

Somewhere, somehow,
Somebody must have kicked you around some.
Who knows? Maybe you were kidnapped,
Tied up, taken away, and held for ransom.

It don't really matter to me, baby,
Everybody's had to fight to be free,
You see you don't have to live like a refugee.


25 May 2008

Nice ... One of those long, unhurried, productive Sundays. Topped off with a song and a pint and ready for another work week. Hopefully. ;P Sitting on the deck writing this, listening to the wind and watching the stars between the clouds. Nice topper :)

21 May 2008

10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop

LifeClever has put together a nice list of 10 free Web-based applications which can be used for photo-editing. Be sure and check out the full post for screenshots of each:
  1. Picnik
  2. Splashup
  3. Phoenix
  4. Photoshop Express
  5. Snipshot
  6. flauntR
  7. Pic Resize
  8. Pixenate
  9. FotoFlexer
  10. Phixr

19 May 2008

One of my favourite places nearby

17 May 2008

Head over Heels - great song



A Bm
Sun breaks, I can't wait til I'll be on my way again.
I'm sick and tired of waiting with nothing to do.
Watching the rain through a crack in the window,
It's the little things that get you through;
Like the same sun rising on me as rising over you.

Walking and talking like birds in the sky;
F#m D A E
You tell your secrets, how gracefully you lie.

Oh, that's the way you come to me,
F#m D
I'm head over heels and I'm always gonna be.
That's okay, I love the way you come to me.

I guess I'm tempting fate, a little too long it seems.
Walking in this heat is just like floating in a dream.
I've been torn apart, put back together
With a couple of pieces in wrong.
I'm holding up now, oh, but I won't be for long.

BRIDGE: Tossing and turning like waves in the sea;
You show myself to me, you let me down easily.

CHORUS, then: F#m D A E F#m D A E A A A A

Well, I know one night together won't make up for ten apart.
I'm as steady as rain, nothing ever changes in my heart.
Throw off the covers, open the windows,
I don't care what we do;
I've been standing for days, now I want to fall down with you.

BRIDGE: Tossing and turning like waves in the sea;
You show yourself to me, you lie so easily.


OUTRO: F#m D A E F#m D A E
A E F#m D A E A A

A = x02220 A2 = x02200 A4 = x02230
D = xx0232 E = 022100
Bm = xx4432 or x24432
F#m = xx4222 or 244222

Rain Cloud

Rain Cloud
Originally uploaded by a.foxkeesic
Town Beach through an artist's eyes

In the sea

Apr 08

Read in your eyes, a need, but doubts
I wonder now if I saw it at all
I'd like to think it was there trying to break out
Through expectations, a past unfulfilled, the wall

I guess I imagined you were there for me to see
Somewhere behind those routine things in front of you
But blindsided by the projection of what they wanted us to be
Now I don't know how to see the person I thought shone through

15 May 2008

Whoever the brains are behind iLibrarian : You rock

Online Digital Image Collections

Anne Blecksmith at CR&L News compiles a listing of seventeen digital image collections available on the Web from universities, public libraries, historical societies, archives, and Library of Congress, including the New York Public Library Digital Gallery with over 600,000 digital images.

To those, I’ll add a couple of places that I visit to find hi-res images:

ARS - Agricultural Research Service image gallery with over 2,000 hi-resolution photos available for download free of charge in subjects such as crops, animals, and insects.

GRIN - Great Images in NASA is a resource with over 1,000 hi-resolution photographic images available free of charge in subjects including space, aeronautics, and Soviet Spacecraft.

NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s collection of over 30,000 hi-resolution images in albums such as the Coral Kingdom with underwater images of plants and creatures and the National Sever Storms Lab with tornado and other storm photos.

NPS Digital Image Archives - The National Park Service offers this image resource with hi-resolution photos available free of charge. The archive is searchable by park.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Image Library - Thousands of free, hi-resolution photographs of wildlife and plants.

Listening to Godspeed

Hard to believe it's already been two years ... Sending my thoughts and love out to Diane, Jason, Chrissie and Steve these days ... (((hugs)))


God Bless

13 May 2008

Mattar Paneer

This is one of my favourite Indian dishes to make, especially for company. It is adapted from Madhur Jaffrey's 'Indian Flavour' cookbook.

Mattar Paneer
Homemade cheese with green peas
Serves 6

12 oz paneer (I buy it at Ainee's on Jeanne D'Arc or Asian Food Store on Place D'Orleans)
chopped into small cubes

Fry 2 onions, chopped until golden brown and fragrant. Add 1 tsn garlic paste, 2 tsn ginger paste and fry for another 30 seconds.
Add spices: 1 tsn turmeric, 2 tsn ground cumin, 2 tsn coriander, 1 tsn paprika, 1/2 tsn hot chili powder (optional), and 1 tsn garam masala and 1 lg can diced tomatoes and fry until some oil starts to separate.
Stir in 2 tbsn minced cilantro, 2 cups frozen green peas, salt to taste and the paneer.
Stirfry another minute, then add 1 cup water and 1 cup yogurt or half n half.
Bring to a boil, cover and cook for another 10 minutes or until peas are tender and you have a thick, aromatic sauce. Remove from heat and sprinkle chopped cilantro over top before serving.

Over basmati rice is ideal with a good chutney on the side ...

11 May 2008

Classic Film trailers

The U.S. cable network TVLand Wednesday announced a new Internet database for classic film fans.

The new C site features about 1,000 trailers from films dating back to the 1950s, the network said in a news release.

Visitors to the Web site can click and view trailers from films such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,Risky Business and The Amityville Horro

The site's collection of trailers is another fun tool for our audience to use to look back at their favorite moments in cinematic history, TVLand President Larry W. Jones said in the release.

7 May 2008

Sometimes my chinese horoscope is very timely ...

On the heart's side, you'll be at crossroads but you'll be able to choose the right direction.

This time, you'll sort out your relations so as to retain only the surest ones.

1 May 2008

Audiobaba Music Search is a next generation music search engine that allows you to find songs by acoustic similarity. Until now, there was no easy to way to browse for new music. Audiobaba lets you tell it what kind of music you like and returns results that sound like it but are in fact different.

I actually haven't checked this out too much yet, it is similar to Pandora (which you can't use in Canada anymore dammit!) Looks interesting !