22 February 2015

Doubts and certainty (Seeds part 3)

Doubts and certainty

The commitment made, know/hope to be right
sets fear twisting me tight
my voice still feeling small my thoughts still unwhole
the picture i keep grasped to my soul

snowflakes spin webs connecting dreams to the Earth
I'll enter the caves above, below, within and look to the four
Listen to the stories of my grandfathers stone
Follow the footsteps up my mountain alone

Feb 22 2015,

11 February 2015

truth [past life]

i wish i didn't have technicolour dreams
that drag me off to a raging sea
ride the waves of hopes and plans
crash on the shore of reality again and again

it gets harder to lift myself back up
to keep the faith, to trust, to love
alone in my tower staring through glass
thinking I can leave things in the past

I do know at least this to be true
I'm not strong enough to wait for you
sit, imprisoned for another year
kept company with pain and tears

letting 'what this is' (was) go will hurt
but each day brings me further out
farther away from your embrace
that never seems to want to come my way