7 December 2007

Every ::single:: time ... :)

Not that its a bad thing to have choice ...

I'm back in another fork in the road career wise. Same classification, same salary.

One path in the road leads to a sourcing officer position in the Int'l Business Opportunities Centre, talking to companies, following leads, some research, lots of admin. Would be right up my alley personality-wise and skills wise the learning curve would be relatively short. Sounds great, BUT the sourcing officer position would be staffed casual leading to only a term possibly for the next 9 months.

The other fork in the road leads to a sector officer position on the Aerospace and Defense file, high profile. It would involve lots of research, maintaining an expertise in the sector, networking with public and private companies, writing, writing and more writing, and company outreach. Woah. Major learning curve, especially with the writing, BUT the sector officer position would be staffed casual leading to an indeterminate at the end.

I have both offers on the table, verbally. Nothing has been signed.

Does this ::really:: have to happen every single time ??

Back to musing ...

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