24 November 2005

I've decided...

if I want to make my blog more interesting (if only just to me) then I'd better start contributing to it. So prepare to be lulled to a state of unconsciousness... LOL.

I'm doing well at work, got lots done already and people are noticing, which is nice (recognition WOW haven't had that in a long time). Been sorta offered an extension after March, still not a definite offer but my manager is confident I'll have lots of work to do. Also she offered the next contract directly through Industry Canada instead of through the placement agency -- YES!! CHA CHING BABY! Well, not rolling in riches but cutting out the middle man means a couple dollars more an hour for me to do the exact same job -- LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

The kids are coping pretty well most days, the arrangement is that on the days both myself and Paul need to be in first thing in the morning, my neighbour Kim takes Léa for the hour between when Drew leaves for school and Léa starts. It only works out usually to a couple days a week and we've been paying Kim in Starbucks mochas which she is quite happy with. :-) After school Daniel gets home first, home alone for maybe half an hour before Drew is home and then either one of them gets Léa an hour later. I am usually home about half an hour after that. They have their chores, their homework and a snack and I'm there. And we still have the 'no TV until 6:30' rule in force (such an evil Mom i am). So it works out pretty good, mind you today they were bitchy this morning -- bicker, bicker, bicker. But some days are just like that...

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