18 January 2006

Last week at IHAB, down to two more days. Already found an excellent replacement, I was included in the whole process including the interviews and references. Not sure if that means they have complete faith in me or that they are just too busy/lazy too do it themselves. I'll just tell myself they really think I wa able give them a good evaluation. :-)

I have no new projects to start and I will be training on Friday so tomorrow will be a loooong boring day... ugh... I hate being bored at work... On Friday I am gone early to go sign my contract at Global and go over some paperwork there so I am ready for work on Monday.

Also, my sister Suzanne is coming in on Friday and we are heading out that night or Saturday (or both?) probably to go karaoke-ing! (awesome!) Maybe I should bring my camera and take some pics ;-)

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  1. I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to hear all about the job. :o)

    Oh, and I do have a blogger account, just haven't figured it out yet. lol