12 January 2007

What does Jupiter Mean? - Georgia Nichols, Canada's most read astrologer

Apparently the placement of Jupiter in your horoscope is important to your overall personality.

Mine was in Virgo and here is what it says:

Jupiter in Virgo

You're smart and practical. If you're driving in a snowstorm, you've got a shovel in the trunk of your car. Probably chains too. And the batteries in your flashlights work. You take care of details so the big stuff flows easily. You're efficient! And you're smart. (This is one of the most intelligent placements of Jupiter.) You take pleasure in creating orderly systems. And you give good hotel. Let's face it -- you deliver the goods.

Number One case for: I work in a library. nuff said.

Number Two case for: she mentioned hotel...weird

Number Three case for: I've actually got both shovel and chains in my van. And not only do I have working batteries in my flashlight, but I've also got those huge C batteries for an emergency radio. (not in the radio, cause that drains the batteries...see? prepared.)

Try it and tell me what your Jupiter is and if it fits your personality as well

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