29 November 2007

Interests by Canadian City, according to Facebook

Interests by Canadian City (Through the Lens of Facebook) (graphic)

As much as politicians believe we are wired much differently across Canada,
our most popular social network suggests differently. Sure, perhaps a little more travelling and photography goes on in Vancouver, some more camping in Calgary, more dancing and sports in Winnipeg, more shopping and sports in Toronto, more cooking and art in Montreal and more hanging with friends in Halifax - but we really are quite alike as a people.

In aggregrate order of priority, Canadian interests are:

#1 - Music
#2 - Reading
#3 - Movies
#4 - Photography
#5 - Traveling
#6 - Hockey
#7 - Sports
#8 - Shopping
#9 - Camping
#10 - Cooking
#11 - Dancing
#12 - Art

Source: Buzz Canuck

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