22 January 2008

LIBRA WOMAN: - You've got an activist on your hands if you connect with this Libra Woman. This woman will stand by her convictions and principles more than any other sign (even more than a Pisces and that's saying a lot!) She's looking to balance and make the world right through her own ideals and motivations. If Libra Woman sees a wrong, UP! goes the fist in the air. She'll march, protest, join committees and voice her stance. This woman cannot stand injustice on any level, especially in her immediate vicinity. She's an air sign; therefore, she has a powerful sharp mind that is finely tuned. Libra Woman has an ethereal beauty and brains. Often times you'll see these women engaged in occupations that have to do with serving justice and they make excellent lawyers and law enforcement officials. If you see a beautiful lawyer in court, chances are she's a Libra.

Ah, don't be deceived by Libra Woman's looks. She rarely dresses overtly sultry or even sexy and probably wears very little make-up; yet there is something about her that causes men to take a second glance. Let's face it, men will look at a Libra Woman no matter what she's wearing!!! She probably wakes up looking as great as she did in the middle of the day. She has a demure charm as she tilts her head and smiles while talking. What is it about this woman!?!? She may have some idea that she is a trophy or arm candy, but that is a risk she is willing to take in order to fall in Love with an equal and friend. Remember - she is looking for balance; therefore, she is looking for an equal. If you aren't pulling your weight, you'll definitely hear about it because she does not wish to have her balanced scales tipped. Libra Woman enjoys the arts, music, anything aestically pleasing to the eye and is generally a liberal free-thinking woman. She may have some radical political views, so be ready for that debate! Her relationships are typically unconventional and she'll shy away from long-term commitments. If she does commit to you, she'll demand complete and utter fidelity. If not, she'll drag your butt into court so fast . . . (you know the rest). The motto for Libra Woman is - "Hell hath no fury like a Libra Woman scorned."

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