6 March 2008

But are the companies listening?

Market Trends
Environment trumps convenience when it comes to packaging: Nielsen

More than half of U.S. consumers would give up all forms of packaging provided for convenience purposes if it would benefit the environment, according to new research from The Nielsen Company.

Among the packaging options consumers said they would sacrifice for the environment are packages designed for easy stacking or storage at home (58 percent), packages that can be used for cooking or as a resealable container (55 percent) and packages designed for easy transport (53 percent).

Nielsen's study surveyed almost 7,000 consumers in 47 markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East. According to Nielsen, generally, North Americans and Europeans agree on the types of packaging they are willing to forego to help the environment, with almost 60 percent willing to give up packaging designed for stacking and storing at home. However, only 42 percent of Asians said they were willing to give up these types of convenience packaging.

U.S. consumers are not as willing, meanwhile, to sacrifice packaging aimed at keeping products clean and untouched by other shoppers (only 26 percent said they would give up such packaging), packaging designed to keep products in good condition (31 percent) and packaging that preserves products to make them last longer or stay fresher (31 percent). One in 10 U.S. consumers is not prepared to give up any aspect of packaging for the benefit of the environment.

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