3 July 2008

Data Control & Social Networking: Irreconcilable Ideas?

Data Control and Social Networking: Irreconcilable Ideas?
Source: Law and the Future of Data Control (via SSRN)

The future of both law and technology will require reconciling users’ desire to self-disclose information with their simultaneous desire that this information be protected. Security of personal information and user privacy are potentially irreconcilable with the conflicting set of user preferences regarding information sharing behaviours and the convenience of using technology to do so. Social networking sites (SNSs) provide the latest and perhaps most complicated case study to date of these technologies where consumers’ desire for data security and control conflict with their desire to self-disclose. Although the law may provide some data control protections, aspects of the code itself provide equally important means of achieving a delicate balance between users’ expectations of data security and privacy and their desire to share information.

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