1 October 2008

Last Saturday morning as I drove up to Wakefield I heard a CBC program about Google and how the innocuous sounding company is looking to control everything digital : identities, music, books ... everything and everywhere. A library of life on earth as it can be recorded.

My reaction ? Cool ! That would make me part of a place in time, part of history of mankind possibly at its greatest in a long time. I use mail, documents, spreadsheets, this blog, iGoogle, and of course, search. If I hadn't given up on Google reader I probably would have been using that too.

Security issues ? Yeah, but Meh, I'm a speck in the white space and a really small speck at that. Besides, I know people. ;) I just think it would be nice to imagine, 200 years from now, someone 'discovering' me or this time and place through my eyes. And hopefully looks back on a time that was troubled but passed.

I was just using Picasa, yet another Google product - Wow I really am 'Google-fied' LOL