24 January 2011

Oct 30 2010

Balloons on tables tied with plastic strong
But the best olive feta pizza that you eat two now
Save two for breakfast

Still, Wondering, about the state of "things"
wanting to banish one letter with
one (two three four) moment(s)
Suspended in time now it seemed

Trying not to blame me (you) for trying
Feeling that misery again
Every time I think I didn't imagine
Something never felt before
And I want to let go

watch the balloons get popped
and guiltily tossed
With the lights brightly shone on
drunks swept out with the trash
of Tim Horton's cups and broken glass

Carrying two pieces in a box in the snow outside 'home'
Soaking in the cold moon and breathing out
Waiting to subside that which breaks me down,
hollows me out, to sing myself to sleep,
feeling it all to sink in again, too deep,
Cursing fates
for things that can't be tossed
And keep me here, frozen, silent, messed, lost.