3 May 2011

When it Sucks to be Single

I enjoy being single most of the time. I can do what I want when I want without answering to anyone. If I want to go to Cape Breton and backpack for a week, I can. Or if I spend all my savings on a trip across Europe, it's my money.

But being single sucks when you're sick. I started feeling nauseous, getting chills yesterday and a horrible headache began this morning. I texted my roommate to let him know that I wasn't able to keep up my share of the chores and why. He was good with it and is leaving me be to get better on my own.

It would be so nice if I was in a relationship and my man brought me soup or something just because.

Ok, I know, I'm being a big suck right now. I don't necessarily want someone around (especially if I'm contagious) but it makes me feel so much better when they show they're thinking of me and wanting me to feel better. Pout :(

Thanks for listening, I'm going to make herbal tea and crawl back into bed now...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dghir9oCmKQ Cold as it Gets / Patty Griffin