21 June 2011

I knew I was in this sort of mood .. I think

Horoscope #1: Inspiration, eccentricity, and imagination are the key issues in your love life. You are likely to feel the urge to do something completely out of character now, eclectic, maybe even a bit crazy. Don't fight the urge if it won't cause harmful consequences, go for it, you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Horoscope #2: Blind optimism transforms into enlightened realism today as your big ideas collide with a serious dose of the truth. Others may believe that your new and open perspective is more life-affirming than if you shut down your heart in fear. Don't judge yourself too harshly, for you cannot possibly know what you don't yet know. The most important thing you can do now is to make the best choices in the present moment before moving on.

I'm stopping there. Should be an interesting day eh?