14 December 2016

Cathy Pagano on the December 13-14 Full Moon: Help us see more clearly what our truth is

I was pulled outside last night even though it was overcast with snow-heavy gray clouds. The beautiful full moon was shining through a small gap in the darkness, like a small beacon of hope in the worldwide deception. I spoke to her then, sharing wishes, praying for dreams and guidance under her gentle glow.  I stood there in silence then until she was obscured by the murk again. All night long I felt the pull and am still feeling it now.

A quick google search confirmed why. This is but the beginning.

From: http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-supermoon-in-gemini-december-13th-14th-2016/
FULL MOON Super Moon in Gemini calls us to hold a high vision for our collective future and brings the gifts of expansion in the mental realms and in the fields of communication so that we can better express and share our deepest truth.

From the wonderful CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Our cosmic instructions concern how we are relating to our collective culture (Pluto in Capricorn)—our economics, our social structures, the ‘rules of engagement’ that have shaped our collective purpose for quite some time now.
What parts of this collective mindset no longer serve the goals of humanity and freedom? What parts do we need to preserve and expand on? …What does the future demand of us?
“How can we keep harvesting the gifts and treasures of Mother Earth without a thought of what future generations might need?How can we stop the train wreck of continual progress and find new ways to create a better life?
“…This is the energy Jupiter in Libra is bringing into this powerful engine of change. A sense of balance, of fairness and justice, of courtesy and honor, beauty and art.
“It’s offering each of us (Uranus) a way to engage in the transformation of the culture (Pluto).
“We can begin to create this possible future with our art and our actions. Our actions, like what happened at Standing Rock with the Water Protectors, now will have more affect since we’ll do it as a group (very Aquarian of us).
“We show our Aries courage in standing up to the wrong use of power, to the stupidity of self-destruction. Life is what matters.
“Uranus is energizing our pioneering spirit again, though this time let’s seek the unknown for the good of all, rather than personal aggrandizement. 
“Artists have a big part to play now too. The Arts used to be healing tools for the collective psyche, unlike how they are seen today as a commodity.
“When we return the Arts to their archetypal purpose—to teach, to heal, to create, to enliven, to imagine, to share, to learn—they will lead the revolution just as John Lennon and the Beatles opened up the world to a new paradigm. (December 8th-RIP John) Artists can bring the message home to the heart
“…The Broadway show Hamilton, is doing it—bringing history alive again so we understand what moment in history we’re at and how we’ve changed but stayed the same…
If we play our parts in truth, it will be a peaceful revolution, because it will be the right thing to do. 
“A Full Moon asks us to bring together complimentary ideas: Sagittarius wants us to see the Truth of the matter while Gemini wants to communicate the information that can help us see more clearly what our truth is.
“… How have we been distracting ourselves with information overload when the truth can be found in our hearts? What thoughts, words and information need to be refined and which need to be let go of?
“Saturn joins the Sun during this Full Moon, helping us set up filters for discerning what information is true and what is false.
“Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our beliefs and because Saturn symbolizes authority, we need to understand that the word authority confronts us with the question, ‘who is the author of my story’.
“The word author means ‘one who makes or creates’. We can give away our authority and let someone else write our story or we can take back control and become the authors of our own lives.”
© Copyright 2016 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved