15 April 2008

A day and a half ... and it's only just past noon!

I love working a four day week, even if it means I work 10 hour days and my work days are packed to the hilt. The main reason? I skip Mondays - all aspects of Mondays. No time spent grumbling about Monday mornings, all those horrible things that *always* happen on Mondays, I even save time from the inevitable 'how was your weekend" Q & A. Nope, I come in on Tuesday bright and early and hit the ground sprinting.

At least I did today.

7:30 am Opened, deleted, sorted or answered the 50+ emails that had sprouted in my inbox.

8:00 Made coffee, drank coffee, read newspapers and newsfeeds. Filled brain to overflow, so posted some hopefully relevant information to my work blog and was able to think relatively coherently again.

8:30 Worked, researched, searched case files. Ignored new emails (it's hard to do you know!)

9:00 Enjoyed a wonderful light breakfast (read: snarfed back some trail mix because I was on a roll and didn't want to leave my desk just then)

9:30 Went to visit my manager and was told I was approved for my conference trip in early May -- YAAAAY, also told he has been fighting behind the scenes for me to secure a term (better! much better! really really better!) position for me when this contract ends in mid June.

10:00 Sat at my desk and revelled just a little bit, in the moment ... Ok, I revelled alot, but since there isn't a definite offer on the table just yet, I did feel kind of silly. Kind of. Then I went back to revelling again. ;P

10:30 Booked travel, more database searching, read the new emails.

11:00 Started choosing my conference sessions and couldn't resist revelling again. Ooohh, a potash mine tour ...

11:30 Time to go move my car. A beauty (eh!) of a day and as I got to my car, the guy directly behind me pulled out of his parking spot. Sweeet! Normally I'm driving and driving to find that 'good spot', all I had to do was back up!!

12:00 Back in the building and following a colleague who was delivering fresh, gorgeous smelling pizza to her floor. Suddenly had an intense craving but thinking the cafeteria probably wouldn't have veggie version today. If it was Monday, they wouldn't have, but since it was Tuesday ...Yes!! Ooey, gooey, delish four cheese with pesto!!! (and I bought an apple, ya know, to absorb all those bad calories and convert them to good :0)

12:30 Thinking I had to share ... because this DAY ROCKS and its only 12:30!!

See what happens when you skip Monday morning???