8 April 2008

My stalker

I got home tonight late after going straight from work to dinner and a couple of drinks with a friend. I walked in and immediately smelled ... popcorn... ???

I'm thinkin, WTF because I just bought popcorn last night and haven't made any yet.

Go in the kitchen.

Sure enough there's the popper and holleee, there's the open bag of kernels. Woah.

Starting to feel like maybe there's a crazee ax murderer hiding in my bedroom with buttery popcorn fingers waiting for me... Then it clicked.

Hey there, Goldilocks was probably one of the kids .... Thank god, yes, it was Daniel, little bugger. He's at his dad's this week but I guess he stopped here on the way there for a pitstop.... He said he misses home (and me ♥)

I wish I had been here, but it makes me feel good knowing he wanted to come home for awhile today. Next time though, leave a note already saying you were there Daniel! LOL Oh, and put stuff away :P