7 September 2008

Bring it on - I'm ready Baby !!

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Ever since last year, you've entered a two-to-three-year window of dismantling much of what you created since 1996. You're getting rid of what is no longer relevant in your life in terms of people, places and possessions. This is often painful. You don't let go easily. Fortunately, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in your sign right now boosting your confidence, and giving you extra charm and vivacious energy. You're keen to talk to everyone. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your home scene can improve as never before this year. It's a wonderful year for real-estate deals. Your home is a source of joy and increased value for you.  (Great year for real estate.)  

I'm looking forward to looking at my house as a "source of joy and value" rather than a cluttered money pit :P - Mickie