11 September 2008

I believe in Karma

And so I believe that the guy who ripped me off by appealing to ::my:: sense of decency and just human nature will get his in an equal manner. Maybe he already is and thats why he pulls the scams he does. I also believe that I don't have to waste any more energy on thinking about this guy.

But you could ask him =:>

The last business name he used was Fine Line Renovation Services, he charged me $950 to remove mold. dry wall and assess the damage in my basement, otherwise known as "mold decontamination" and currently listed in the yellow pages. I know, I am a DUMBASS, trust me you could not kick me any harder than I've been kicking myself.

His schtick ? Handsome man and once had his 4 year old son in the car because "he picked him up from daycare and was on his way home". Should of known. Who brings their *kid* to a potential business transaction ? Yeah, don't comment on that one either.

You can fool me once because I am sucker for the little guy but I'm tripping you if I see you on the streets of Ottawa Rob Hurlbut. I hope at least $500 falls out of your pockets for me, because that's what the ::fair:: price should have been and I'm still being generous.

I figure Karma could use a little help on this one.