19 June 2009

Top 10 reasons to retire your dryer

From Green Living Ottawa's Eloise Collison :

Top 10 reasons to hang your laundry on the line:

1 You can meditate about life as you pin up the clothes.
2 Folding the clothes as they come off the line prevents that “we decorate with mountains of socks” look in your living room.
3 Hanging laundry gets you outside on a sunny day.
4 Laundry flapping on the line is beautiful. (I agree :)
5 In the few minutes it takes, you can keep an eye on your garden, your children and what’s happening in your neighbourhood.
6 No static cling, and no need for fabric softener.
7 It’s a chemical free way to bleach out stains.
8 Bacteria in your clothing is killed when exposed to the sun.
9 Your laundry will smell fantastic when it’s dry.
10 Air drying your laundry saves money and Energy!!