28 December 2013

little personal note today

have been feeling discontent with many aspects to my life lately, complaining to friends and generally succumbing to the negativity. I was thinking surely there is more to life, some other way to live.

Then I had a talk with my 15 year old daughter. She was talking about a friend that had been texting her, down on life, unhappy with his parents treatment of him and hating his body. She gave him some advice which I took to heart.

She told him to think happy. When she is feeling down at times, she reminds herself that she is a decent person that she doesn't "throw pebbles at babies or anything". Sometimes you have to "fake it til you make it" and it works.

She reminded me that happiness is a choice and that every day we wake up is a gift.

I don't know where she gets her wisdom from but I am so grateful to have been on the receiving end today ♥