27 June 2008

"Funnyman" by KT Tunstall

Locked inside your head
Do you realize the things you said
Never made sense?

We can sit here and laugh
But we don't know the half of it,
In your defense

We've been talking a while
And it seems to me each time you smile
Lights are coming on
But they don't burn too strong
And they won't stay for long
And then they're gone again

Do you remember that night
When I had to play your angel
Saving your soul?
Even though you were holding on tight
A part of you was taken by the demons below

When no one to lose
Said you feel like a bruise
On a beautiful body.
And all the damage you do
Is so honest and true
I don't want to feel sorry for you

Funnyman, gotta try to be something wonderful
Funnyman, listening to the world turning on its sail
Turn it into a brand new universe
Funnyman, you could never be anything else.