25 August 2008

40 Goals

My fortieth approacheth. I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry. Just kidding :P Actually, I've been making a list of all the things I want to do (or at least make an attempt at doing) starting on my birthday in 54 days - give or take an hour or two.

Suggestions are welcome :)

1. Buy a canoe
2. Keep in touch more regularly with friends
3 - 10. Catch the following live music / acts :
Kathleen Edwards
Blue Rodeo
Ari Hest
Buddy Guy
Wafik Nasralla
The Trews
Richard Thompson
Collective Soul
Sarah Brightman
Edible Rex
11 - 20. Travel to:
Quebec City / Ile d'Orleans
New York City (buy a beer on the subway!)
Calgary (visit Ange and my family )
Vancouver (visit Nyla and Lurch ;P)
Chicago for the blues scene (this one is a bit of blue sky dreamin')
Nova Scotia (Uncle Terry and the cousins!)
Algonquin Park / Provincial Parks - Bonnechere, Murphy's Point, Sandbanks ....
Boston or eastern seaboard
Thunder Bay
21. Get a raise ;P (or even better, a raise AND a permanent position!)
22. Write more musings, maybe set one to music
23. More camping ! More fishing !
24. Go ice fishing for the first time
25. Road trip! Two weeks with a map of Canada and United States and just go ! Somewhere, anywhere !
26. Sing in a band 'professionally'
27. Not embarrass my kids so much (I'll hold off on getting the motorcyle until I am 41 ;P)
28. Bake more
29. Finish house renos
30. Throw housewarming party/ies !
31. Set financial plan / budget to save for my own business
32. Go to a Sunday jam at the Rainbow
33. Take music lessons
34. Notarize my will / living will
35. Take a cooking class
36. Try something I never have before (but not bungee jumping, you kidding me ??!)
37. Get my passport
38. Eat vegan for three weeks straight
39. Stop biting my freakin nails once and for all
40. This last one I guess I'll know when I do it :)