12 August 2008

I'm vexed. Fed-up. Done. Wanna-go-home.

Damn foot in a damn cast and no word when my foot is going to be operated on or when the freakin contraption is coming off.

Evil mould is growing as I write, creating new life in unreachable corners behind my finished basement walls and floors.

My savings account is fast becoming depleted to fight the evil stuff instead of being put to its intended use of beautifying my crumbling house.

My house has been in renovation-mode since I broke my foot a month ago which means there is a bathroom cabinet in my kitchen, two ceiling fans in my living room (on the floor) and about 300$ worth of trim in my basement which may or may not be useable anymore as well as no immediate plans or money left after the mould removal to get any of the stuff installed.

My daughter has had a fever for the last couple of days and now has a sore throat which most likely means infection which will probably mean more time off work without pay.

My last "relationship" has to be described as such and I'm not even capable of being friends with the guy, which really bothers me.

I live too far away from home to go back for the weekend and just dump my woes on my sisters' laps.

*Big deep breath* At least I can get away this weekend with just my kids and trees and campfires and fishing rods and hopefully put my lately-pretty-sucky-life on hold for awhile, even if I can't really afford it. I'll try to come back with my regular happy outlook, but it might be a tall order :P