13 August 2008

What a difference a day makes ...

Complete (well, 95 % complete :P) reversal of my outlook from yesterday:

I was able to go into the outpatient clinic this morning to get my broken foot looked at and Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah I do not have to have surgery to pin the bone, it is not completely fused but it is fusing. I no longer have to sleep with the damn thing on and it can come off at the end of August. No sports though until October, with the exception of skating and hockey !! (YAY because those are the only sports besides biking that I normally do anyways)

My savings account is still pitiful but I've booked an appointment with a financial advisor to help me decide what to do with the mutual funds I received in the separation settlement.

I've found out that my old job as an LS-3 will soon be available and my old manager has talked to me about my interest in the position. Umm, hell YEAH!

My daughter's sore throat has just gotten better, just like that. Lots of water, tea and orange juice seemed to have drowned the bad bugs out of her system and she is back to feeling her energetic, spunky and entertaining self.

I had such a great evening with my kids last night and great long telephone conversations with J and D and L and I am almost all the way healed heart-wise ( damn stupid heart gets me everytime :P )

Going camping & fishing this weekend with my troupe, and even though I can only afford one night, I think it will be a nice getaway for us -- at least I'm getting out of the city :)

So ...

*Big breath* Big SMILE - ready once again to fire full speed, straight ahead !